WEBINAR: The state of international digital commerce in Manufacturing



How do you run a successful global e-commerce operation, balancing corporate strategy and regional needs, and how do you cope with changing buyer behaviour and stronger global competition?

Thomas Areskoug (Atlas Copco) and Marco Kranz (ZEISS Medical Technology) will discuss how well they are prepared, comparing this with the results of the survey and flavouring it with their experiences.

Is this the right time for manufacturers to expand digital commerce and grow globally? Do they experience the pressure for a further or even more rapid transformation? How does this affect the dilemma of central vs local organisation of e-commerce? What challenges do they experience, both external and internal? How digitally mature are their B2B customers and are Atlas Copco and ZEISS Medical Technology able to meet changing customer needs?

This webinar is hosted by Lisa Hellqvist (Copperberg) and joined by Herbert Pesch (Evident) and Gerrit Enthoven (Intershop Communications).


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Mascha Tamarinof
Responsible for marketing and business development at @Evident. "Let's talk B2B!" initiator and host. Passionate about B2B digital.

Mascha Tamarinof