Herbert on the design and creation of the Utrecht office


In this interview [Dutch], Evident's founder & CCO Herbert Pesch talks about the collaboration with HAL2, the interior designers and architects. They designed and delivered our new office environment.

We were looking for an inspiring office to attract our people. The 'clubhouse feeling' that this office breathes contributes to this. That is why we have opted for many different and flexible spaces for meetings, consultation, collaboration, and relaxation. We couldn't be happier with the result!


About the building

The outside and framework of the building are 100% made from sustainable wood. Therefore it has been given the name 'Houtwerk' (Dutch for 'Woodwork'). An extremely modern building with its own character. The quirky building is characterized by a transparent façade with panoramic views, a warm wooden beamed ceiling with a spacious height of 3.7 meters, a very low CO2 footprint, and circular materials used for the façade and finishing. The Evident office can be found on the top floor and including a spacious roof terrace.




Another nice touch is that a lot of historic details of the area have been incorporated into the office. The large table in the conference room, the base of the whiteboards, and the bar are stylishly made from old railway sleepers. Antique roller door wardrobes have been given a second life and offer room for personal stories from the obvious history. Vintage furniture emphasizes the sustainable character but is also a real eye-catcher in the Nice To Meet room. As well as a cabinet of curiosities, where a large megaphone attracts attention. In addition, this space breathes music, with its own Evident LP collection, and hidden in the large table in the middle of the room; the piano.

Come visit us and be amazed!

Office Houtwerk 2


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