VIDEO - Let's talk B2B! Four expert interviews from the B2B Digital event


Great insights from the trenches, new stuff and nice conversations, all B2B related!

Take some time to check out these interviews with Florian Kriz from Vanderlande, Sjoerd Sipkema from Technische Unie, Maaike de Rover from ShipSupport and Sander Bredewout from HANOS.

The presentations from these speakers were very insightful and inspiring. Herbert & Mascha interviewed them for a more indept view.

We were very impressed with Maaike’s keynote about ShipSupport, Sjoerd’s presentation about the cool stuff he does at Technische Unie and we really enjoyed Sander & Herbert’s update from the B2B Commerce group.

We learned a lot from our roundtable with 15 manufacturers about what’s going on in the spare parts and aftermarket. And we had a lot of fun interviewing B2B peeps.

Thanks all for being there and sharing great stuff.

Let’s talk B2B!


Mascha Tamarinof
Responsible for marketing and business development at @Evident. "Let's talk B2B!" initiator and host. Passionate about B2B digital.

Mascha Tamarinof