VIDEO - Leadership in B2B digital transformation - Fabory, a Grainger company


The importance of leadership in B2B digital transformation

Let’s talk B2B! Vasuki Muralidhar, CDO & CIO of Fabory, a Grainger company and Herbert Pesch from Evident talk about many interesting topics:

• Who will win the battle for the client; the manufacturers or the distributors?
• How do you get an oil tanker to shift course?
• What is the most important thing to define before you start with digital transformation?
• And why is it so hard to bring change in a (successful) B2B organisation?

“Digitisation for us is not just selling in a digital way, it is an end-to-end process optimisation. That’s why we call it digital and not ecommerce.”

Vasuki Muralidhar – Fabory – a Grainger company

Mascha Tamarinof
Responsible for marketing and business development at @Evident. "Let's talk B2B!" initiator and host. Passionate about B2B digital.

Mascha Tamarinof