Launch of the report The voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing 2022

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We’re happy to officially launch the yearly survey report ‘The voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing'. A must-read for everyone who is involved in digital transformation within a B2B organisation.

Together with Copperberg and Intershop we exclusively surveyed the leaders responsible for digital in Manufacturing. The report digs deeper into the real aspects that shape and transform an organisation’s digital and commerce strategy. It contains a lot of relevant advice and qualitative responses that give great insights into the actual challenges and planned investments. It will also help you define the next steps to become more customer-oriented in your digital initiatives.

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Some of the many insights this report offers: 

  • "Really understand your customer needs, deploy in phases and spend time in the discovery phase to avoid surprises down the line" 
  • Ecommerce in B2B is growing rapidly, and it’s redefining the rules of the game. Those who will succeed as digital leaders will also be market leaders. 
  • One of the main goals of the digital strategy is to build a long-term relationship and retain customers 

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"The research results and the way they are presented are very clear and precisely indicate market trends. Most importantly, however, this is information collected from practitioners, people who deal with digital transformation on a daily basis."

- Robert Szadkowski, SECO/Warwick group

The approach of the survey 

The survey combines a qualitative and quantitative approach to further understand the reason behind trends and how they develop in time. 

To get true insights into the shifts that are currently affecting the industry and mark the beginning of a new phase in digital commerce. The statistics combined with the open questions with loads of advice and insights make this report a great read. 

Interested in learning more? We’ve also hosted a keynote session about the findings of the survey report at the Copperberg Econnect event. Click here if you want to watch the session recording.  

Mascha Tamarinof
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Mascha Tamarinof

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