Rensa Family launches unique collaboration to accelerate digital transformation  

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Rensa Family has started a digital hub in which experienced specialists work together on the (further) development of Azure based cloud native digital services for various wholesalers within the installation industry. This fast growing family owned business partnered up with Evident. ‘With this unique collaboration, we bring 'the best of both worlds' together.’ 

The digital hub consists of a hybrid team of experienced IT specialists from both the Rensa Family and Evident. Together, they are working on the 'future' of digital services for, among others, the wholesalers Rensa Heating & Ventilation and plumbing wholesaler Gévier. One of their latest projects is the application of virtual reality for This is a digital bathroom showroom for the future where consumers, installers and project developers come together for real-time design, agreements, and technical information. 

 Specialist knowledge brought together 

"This collaboration is unique, because it is so much more than the classic situation in which one party buys a service from the other. The hub is a far-reaching partnership in which specialist IT knowledge is brought together instead of being outsourced, "says Rik Heijink, product owner at Rensa Family. "That means we can work directly with the best of both worlds on services that help our customers."   

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Bringing together IT specialists from different worlds, not only ensures an even higher quality, but also offers a solution to a problem that many B2B organisations struggle with, says Dennis Houtzager, Business manager at Evident. "It can be a big challenge to find the right people. Through this collaboration we forge a top team with a lot of experience with building cloud native services in the world of B2B. This gives Rensa Family a real kickstart on digital transformation." 

Combining a lot of experience and knowledge from 'both worlds' offers new possibilities, Heijink adds. "Not only for the accelerated delivery of products and services, but also for IT professionals who want to develop themselves at a high pace and on a high level." 

 True Family Business 

The Rensa Family is an international group of family businesses that operate as a supplier in the installation sector. The Rensa Family consists of Rensa Family Company and, among others, the specialized wholesalers: CEA (Germany), DEWEtech (Germany), Gafco, GévierDales, Inexeon, Libra Energy, Rensa Heating & Ventilation, Uniprest (Romania) and Verholt. 

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