Internship at Evident - How I experienced it - Part 2: Ana

Meet Ivana and Ana, in this two-part series about their experience as interns at Evident!


During January 2021, we started our journey as the new interns at Evident, for a 9-month internship experience. The company has offices in Utrecht, Netherlands and Lisbon, Portugal. At the Lisbon office there is the opportunity to internship with Evident via the Portugal’s Institute of Employment and Professionalization (IEFP). Even though we are in Portugal, we are having a truly international experience in our internship, since we have people from everywhere. The routes available for the internship are the Quality Assurance Engineer (tester) path and the Developing path, both playing an important role in the developing cycle of the projects at Evident. In this part, you can read all about Ana’s experience as a Software Development Trainee.

Meet Ana Carreira – Software Development trainee


I finished my Master’s Degree in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering, at NOVA University of Lisbon, nearly a month before my first call with Evident.
Once my final thesis was presented, I spent my days submitting job applications. Evident was the first one to come to me with an offer of an internship, which spiked my interest tenfold! My experience was no more than academic, so not only was an internship on the table, but it was also the option I preferred. When I was given further details on it, about it being focused on the area I was most interested in… Well, that fell no short of perfect! Needless to say, I jumped with excitement upon hearing that Evident was interested in having me join the program.

My journey …

My first day at Evident

The onboarding was not like anything that I had expected. When I stood at the office door the first day, I was feeling quite nervous. I was always told – and learned to expect - something austere and demanding. What I got was the exact opposite: a welcoming environment, friendly interactions with my superiors, aid in whatever I needed, and all done with genuine smiles.

This did not change throughout the internship. Everyone is interested in knowing how you are doing or if you need any help. The only way it could have gone smoother would be if no pandemic was involved.

My everyday

Unfortunately, the current situation with COVID-19 has forced us to work from home. So, apart from the first day, everything has been done online, meetings included.

Thankfully, everyone did everything within their reach to make it work. During the first three months, I had regular meetings with my tutor, as well as weekly meetings with my manager. Both showed great care for me throughout the internship. Any doubt that I had and needed their help in, or any general questions about the internship itself, and they would always manage to squeeze a little bit in their schedule for me.

After the three months, I got integrated in a Scrum Team, and from then on, I have also been having daily calls with the whole team. One of the members was assigned as my ‘buddy’ to help me integrate with the team’s project and provide me aid and guidance with my tasks for it. My tutor, manager and buddy shows great care and interest in my growth, they do their best to be available and pushes me to go outside of my comfort zone and try new challenges.

The takeaway

Starting on the downside, I think we may have had a bit of a too optimistic goal for the internship project I was working on, and at times I was simply unable to keep up. But to be fair, this was only the second time Evident has had their go at an internship, so this sort of issue is not particularly startling. And while that did offer an obstacle, it was not one that would make the internship halt on its heels.
Other than that, I have an overall positive opinion of the experience. Every day brought a new, different, and exciting challenge, and how fun and enriching it was to face them!

Concluding …

Overall, Evident is a great company to start your career. Although applying what we have learned in university to the real world, with real clients, can be a bit of a challenge, we also felt that joining this program allowed for a faster learning rate.
You will be able to learn and develop your skills in such an important, exciting, and growing sector in Portugal. Your job feels more than just a job. When working for Evident, you take pleasure in what you learn and do. Thus, if you enjoy a challenge, have curiosity for the tech-world and want to explore this sector do not hesitate to apply for next editions. We know we would do it all over again!

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