Internship at Evident - How I experienced it -Part 1: Ivana

Meet Ivana and Ana, in this two-part series about their experience as interns at Evident!

Ivana & Ana

During January 2021, we started our journey as the new interns at Evident, for a 9-month internship experience. The company has offices in Utrecht, Netherlands and Lisbon, Portugal. At the Lisbon office there is the opportunity to do an internship with Evident via the Portugal’s Institute of Employment and Professionalization (IEFP). Even though we are in Portugal, we are having a truly international experience in our internship, since we have people from everywhere. The routes available for the internship are the Quality Assurance Engineer (tester) path and the Developing path, both playing an important role in the developing cycle of the projects at Evident. In this first part, you can read all about Ivana’s experience as a Quality Assurance Trainee.

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Meet Ivana Almeida – Quality assurance trainee

I am an engineering graduate with quite a diverse background. Originally from Angola, I lived in 4 different countries up to now. I graduated from the University of Bath, UK, in December 2019 and joined Evident for the January 2021 internship edition. I applied to Evident because I have always had an interest in the tech industry. I am fascinated by the internet of things and how it is changing the landscape of all industries, from supermarkets to online learning. While searching for new opportunities, Evident grabbed my attention and I figured it was worth a shot. I was very excited when I was invited for an interview and thrilled when I received the internship proposal.

My journey …

My experience with the process

From the first day of being in contact with Evident, I could see that it was a company different from the others. It took less than a week from the moment I applied to the internship until I got my first interview and less than 2 weeks for the whole recruitment process. When I received the offer, I was hesitant at the start because my academic background does not exactly match the company’s business. However, the fast-moving recruitment process managed by Catia Sousa, different from most companies, assured me that Evident was a company with futuristic values and vision, which I valued.

My first day at Evident

My first day at Evident was very reassuring! I knew that I was navigating in strange waters, but I could feel that someone prepared a learning path for me, and I had a mentor to ask for help if needed. Everything went very smooth and people at the office were genuinely happy about us joining and always open to help us. this was one of two days in total I have been to the office until now.

My everyday

Due to COVID-19 our internship was 100% from home. However, our mentors and the daily stand-ups gave us the guidance we needed. Every time I am concerned or unsure about how to proceed my mentor is just one call away. I also have scheduled meetings with my supervisor – every other week, which helps to give me guidance and define objectives to complete. Additionally, I believe the internship followed a good structure for someone who does not have much experience in the field. I had a very structured plan to follow to ensure I was developing where I needed to. Now that we are inserted in actual teams, the Agile framework and the JIRA boards make sure we are all up to date with the team and the team can also see our contribution. The other team members are also always available and glad to help, especially when I am asking many questions. It is a real team effort!

 The takeaway

A Quality Assurance engineer is the role in the team that makes sure the client is getting what is asked and that the users will enjoy the experience. For this reason, I believe that soft skills such as understanding, critical and questioning capacity are much needed. This challenged me as even though I used to apply these skills in academic projects, applying it with real clients and consequences requires higher attention. Being an intern at Evident helped me to develop these and other likewise important skills. Moreover, I congratulate Evident on:

  • Having a laid-out plan from the start of what we would have to work on.
  • Having excellent tutors and supervisors to lead you through the journey.
  • Having a fun and welcoming environment that makes everyone feel embraced.
  • For looking after our development which is not something found everywhere.
  • For accommodating such an international environment in both offices – there are people from everywhere!
  • For organising plenty of fun events.

Thus, if you are considering applying for an internship or job opportunity at Evident, please do! It is a remarkable experience.

In part 2 of this series, Ana Carreira shares her experience of working as a Software Development Trainee. Click here to check it out.


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