Evident signs strategic deal with Copperberg

With initiatives like Let’s talk B2B!, our webinars and LinkedIn groups, we share developments around e-commerce, customer portals and anything regarding the digital transformation that is taking place. Our goal is to create value for Manufacturer leaders by sharing insights in B2B digital. We have now signed a strategic deal with Copperberg, teaming up with Intershop. Together we will further boost knowledge sharing in our rapidly transforming market.

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One of the first activities is the yearly pan-European survey regarding the state of digital and e-commerce in Manufacturing. It will provide interesting insights for the industry.

Later in this year, Evident participates in events like The Aftermarket Business Platform (October) and a Webinar (December) discussing the outcomes of the survey (December). 

Lisa Hellqvist (Bergström): "At Copperberg we are really happy about intensifying our partnership with Evident and Intershop. We share the same goal and vision in creating valuable marketing insights regarding digital for Manufacturing leaders.

With Copperberg's unique community and expertise in Manufacturing combined with Evidents thought leadership knowledge in the field of B2B digital, this is a great synergy.

I am really looking forward to be able to present the results of this great collaboration."

We are very much looking forward to working together with Copperberg and Intershop to create more insights and share knowledge about the amazing developments in B2B digital.

Let’s talk B2B!

Mascha Tamarinof
Responsible for marketing and business development at @Evident. "Let's talk B2B!" initiator and host. Passionate about B2B digital.

Mascha Tamarinof