Evident partners with Intershop, B2B commerce specialist



“Intershop happened to be the best of breed solution for us.” - Ferry Meijndert, CEO

 When Evident started experimenting with the ecommerce software of Intershop , we didn’t expect it to become such a great success. The collaboration between these two companies went so well, the two are now focusing fully on the B2B ecommerce market. The first success has already been celebrated and Evident expects to add several more this year.

Co-founder Herbert Pesch and CEO Ferry Meijndert explain that the business-to-business industry has always been a dominant customer base within their portfolio. “The strategic process that goes with it, fits us very well. That’s why, five years ago, we decided to focus on manufacturers, wholesalers and business service providers.”

Whereas most agencies tend to approach such projects with an IT view, Evident does this from a management perspective. “We take a look at the entire playing field, with online being a part of the total strategy. Because companies that come to us, don’t just come for an ecommerce platform, but for a long-term cooperation.” And according to Herbert and Ferry, the B2B market is developing rapidly in this field. For them, this was one of the main reasons to start working together with B2B ecommerce specialist Intershop.

Evident is working together with Intershop for over a year now, but the first commerce project – for a big international manufacturer/distributor – is already about to be completed. This multinational is active in 29 countries and serves different kinds of resellers. Ferry explains how one order with these kinds of companies often consists of hundreds of products with different delivery addresses. “The complexity of a huge product offer, multiple sales channels, multiple decision makers with different rights, and diverse customer-specific agreements combined with a complex marketing issue, it all ensures that we have to deal with high-level strategic issues. That’s what makes it very interesting to do our job.”

A few years ago, there was a big chance Evident would go for a serious tailor-made approach to compile the ideal solution itself. But the downside of this approach is that it’s very time-consuming and error-sensitive. “Previously, B2B players were inclined to choose a time-intensive tailor-made solution, but now they want a “best of breed” solution that keeps on developing.” Evident meets this need by working together with companies such as Sitecore, Intershop and InRiver, whose systems also link well with each other. “Thanks to this, we can realize big, complex ecommerce platforms in such a short time. We can now complete a medium-sized ecommerce solution in three to six months.”

Europe as its playing field

“Aside from the technical possibilities, we also love to partner with Intershop, because they also have a strong focus on medium and large-sized B2B companies in Europe”, Herbert explains. A few years ago, the lion’s share of Evident’s customer base consisted of Dutch companies, but now a significant share of its clients are from abroad. “Now the whole of Europe has become our playing field and we focus on companies with a revenue of up to one billion euros.”

“By the end of this year, we hope to have multiple big new projects running with Intershop, as well as having our ecommerce team doubled in size. In just one year, Intershop has become our ecommerce flagship and an important factor for the big growth we are now experiencing.”

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