Key takeaways from our B2BOOST Innovation Talk

On November 17th, during the B2BOOST Innovation Talks, Peter Dietrich (VP Sales @ Intershop)  & Herbert Pesch (Founder & CCO @ Evident) & Freddy Lessmeister (VP Aftermarket Logistics @ Dynapac)discussed how the go-live of a Dynapacs B2B Ecommerce platform was realised in 6 months. This interview with Peter & Ferry gives you an idea of the key takeaways of this webinar. If you want to watch the full recording, fill in the form on the right 🡆

How long does a go-live like this usually take and why was there a hard deadline?

Peter Dietrich |  Intershop

Peter: It’s hard to give a standard time frame for such projects. There is always a clear connection to the respective complexity of the customer project. We can say that the way to go live, especially after replatforming, has definitely significantly shortened in recent years. The reasons lie on the one hand in agile project management, which accelerates such processes incredibly, but also in the mindset. Many companies understand that a “buy and build” approach is good for them.

That means bringing a solution live with a minimum set of scope and then continuously expanding it. Some start with a selected range, others with a small user group and, of course, initially only in one region. The initial project time is also kept within limits.

Herbert: As Peter already mentioned, many factors play a role when going live: the IT landscape, the number of integrations, the digital maturity of a company - to name a few. The deadline was very clear for Dynapac, as their previous e-business platform was to be decommissioned within six months.
Herbert Pesch |  Evidently

As I said, the period of six months is incredibly ambitious. How did you go about it?
Peter: Yes, that's right. Of course, a "hard deadline" in project planning is always a challenge - both for the customer and for us as consultants as well as business and implementation partners. At Dynapac, this was clear from the beginning of our discussions at the end of 2019, so that we could align the entire project planning immediately after the requirements analysis. Every single member of the team was aware of this and it was an additional incentive.
Thanks to agile project management, we were able to roll out new features and intermediate statuses every two weeks. That, and above all the open, honest and transparent communication between customer, implementation partner and solution provider were the key to success.

Herbert: Due to the fixed period of time, we always had the common goal clearly in mind, which led to a great common determination. To be successful, difficult decisions sometimes had to be made, such as keeping things simple and manageable and saving more complex things for the second phase. The fact that we work fully agile and started with an MVP approach also helped us maintain the pace and focus.

What challenges – besides time – had to be overcome?
Peter: In a nutshell: The replatforming had to take place during ongoing operations. The old shop was still running, several ERPs were connected in the company and the corona pandemic hit us. So the team couldn't meet on-site, do workshops, eat out together and so on. We couldn't fall back on habits and best practices. That made the project even more "special". I am really proud of the great achievement!

Herbert: I think that the COVID-19 pandemic emerging at the beginning of our collaboration was a great challenge for all companies. However, since we were already used to working online with our colleagues in Utrecht and Portugal, the change was not really difficult for us. Dynapac was also able to adapt quickly to the new situation. The entire implementation was carried out remotely and was still very successful.

Why do you think people should download the webinar?
Peter: It gives you honest insights into a replatforming project. We learned a lot and even if this wasn't a "standard project" due to the circumstances, there are still some points that we can pass on to other companies that help them save energy (and costs!).

Herbert: I think it was an entertaining and relevant conversation between our customer Dynapac, Intershop and us, Evident as implementation partner. If you're in the B2B space and considering e-commerce, watch the recording of the webinar!

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Thomas Bröker

Thomas Bröker

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