A look into my experience joining Evident talent program

Blog written by: Ana Sofia Góis

About two years ago a friend from University sent me a message inviting me for some drinks and snacks at Evident’ rooftop where a feedback session would take place. The session was intended to gauge on whether developers like me would be interested in joining Evident’s first ever Talent Program.  

During that session where the Talent Program was introduced be Evident’ CEO & CCO, I liked the informal and international environment, the open mindset of the company and the opportunities to learn and advance my career. I could see there was something for me in there.  

About two months later I joined Evident as one of the members of the first edition of the Commerce Talent Program!  

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Visiting the old city of Utrecht 

During the first month, we started off by learning about the Intershop webstore, e-commerce concepts and how to build the business logic of it. During this first month, all of us were provided with a lot of guidance in our learning and integration in the company. On the second and third month, we learned about DevOps and testing.  

Next to the technical skills, we also learned about how to become a business minded developer. I personally enjoyed learning more around Neurolinguistic Programming where we learned how to steer stakeholder’s expectations (and influence our colleagues 😈).  

In the last month of the program, we visited the Dutch office where we met the companies we work with, we attended a nice presentation by the CCO on the B2B industry topic, we met our colleagues based in Utrecht and together, we enjoyed some beers and dinners in my now favorite spot in Utrecht, Taplokaal Gist.  

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Visiting the old city of Utrecht  Visiting the old city of Utrecht 

I really enjoyed how this program gave me the opportunity to learn everything about Evident and the global companies we work with, a new industry (B2B), the technologies (such as Intershop, Postman, Azure, Jira) and also the necessary soft skills to be able to advise and pitch ideas to clients.  

Currently I am working on a project for RAI who are a Dutch conference and event location. Our project team is working on creating a customer portal in which companies that rent a stand at an event can buy additional items, such as drinks or banners to promote their business. I am working closely with the client to advise them and develop how to sell bundled goods against a fixed price, while making sure their customer can still make the desired alterations. While working on this feature, I work with Intershop which is mostly based in Java and Intershop Markup Language (ISML), LESS and JavaScript. 

If like me you reached a point in your work where you feel you can learn more and do more, I would encourage you to join our second edition of the Talent Program

See you soon 😊  

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