7 Must-Follow Sources on B2B Digital

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The B2B ecommerce field is changing rapidly and so is your competition. Staying up to date with all trends can be time-consuming but is needed to keep up. Especially in the fast-paced digital era, we are living in. To make things easier, we created a list of the ‘must follow sources’ to get all the latest information on all the developments in B2B digital.

1. Digital Commerce 360

Digital Commerce 360 offers an enormous variety of (B2B) ecommerce content. From news updates to research papers, webinars, data analysis, charts, and events. Their free daily newsletter already covers the latest news and trends and is definitely worth subscribing to.

On top of that, they offer various memberships from $0, - (news articles, charts, and some research content) to $7595, - (industry database insights, research reports, members-only updates, etc.).

Follow if:

  • You are looking for in-depth research and reports
  • You never get tired of reading about ecommerce
  • You don’t mind the occasional letdown of having to pay to read a certain paper without

2. & 3. Gartner & McKinsey

Technology researcher Gartner and Consultancy firm McKinsey are giants in their field. Even though they are not particularly known for offering B2B Digital content, they both offer great (free) insights on B2B Digital.
If you search for 'B2B Digital' in Gartner's content you get 20.000+ webinars, papers and articles. Luckily Gartner orders these very well on relevance and actuality. So if you stick to the first couple of result pages you’ve got very interesting content that can keep you awake for days.
The same search entry will get you 10.000+ results on McKinseys website. Although the results can only be sorted by relevance or date, you still get a very nice overview of timeless or recent insights in B2B Digital.
The main benefit of the content these companies offer, is that it really contains hidden gems that your competitors won’t always read.

Follow if:

  • You are looking on insights and advice on the future of your industry
  • You want to get tips on improving the digital strategy of your organisation
  • You don’t mind searching for hidden gems

4. Let’s Talk B2B Network
LinkedIn Group
In this LinkedIn Group professionals in the B2B digital field share their knowledge on questions like: How do I accelerate digital transformation in my B2B organisation? How can you help your organisation and clients adopt ecommerce? What are key drivers for success in B2B digital commerce?
These and many other B2B topics are explored by sharing experiences, goodreads and ideas. In general, a particularly useful source to stay up-to-date with trends, news, and events in B2B ecommerce via LinkedIn.

They also organise various (invite only) roundtable sessions that their members can join, where the latest industry trends are discussed. Videos of these events are shared on this platform and are definitely an interesting watch.

Follow if:

  • You work in B2B digital and value a quality network

  • You are interested in the opinion and views of your peer

  • You want to get insights on the digital success stories of other B2B companies

YouTube channel
Besides a LinkedIn Group, Let’s Talk B2B also has an interesting YouTube Channel. On this channel, you can watch all their interviews, expert group sessions, event tours, and company insights. Unlike the LinkedIn page, you don’t have to join to watch the content.

Follow if:

  • You want to help your organisation take steps towards digital transformation
  • You prefer video over reading
  • You want to get insights on the digital success stories in digital of other B2B companies

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5. Ecommerce Blog by Intershop

Intershop is a commerce platform with a strong focus on B2B. On their blog, they don’t just share updates on their platform, but mostly insights into technology and market trends of digital sales.
Their blog is categorised into 4 categories: Commerce, Tech, Trends, and Insights. On average they post a new update every 10 days. The posts are easy to read and give you a clear insight and tips for a digital strategy in commerce.
We also recommend subscribing to their newsletter update. This way you will receive a notification in your mailbox when a new blog is posted.

Follow if:

  • You want to read occasional quality content
  • You are looking for a quick and easy read
  • You want to improve your digital commerce

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6. MDM

MDM is an international US-based platform for the wholesale and distribution industry that has been around since the 1960s. Their website offers a lot of interesting (sponsored) whitepapers, research, and the latest updates for these industries. To get unlimited access to all their content, you need a Premium Membership ($345, - per year). But even without the Premium Membership, there is plenty to find. Sounds appealing? You can also register for their newsletter with their latest most relevant content.

Follow if:

  • You work in wholesale/distribution
  • You‘re interested in worldwide news with a focus on the US
  • You don’t mind leaving your details

7. Copperberg

If you work in the manufacturing industry, you should definitely take a look at Copperbergs’ website. Copperberg is an international platform from Sweden that offers many free whitepapers, webinars, and news updates on the manufacturing industry on their website. They also host various events and meetups across Europe. Their goal is to “bring the manufacturing industry in order to grow and build relationships globally.” And we think they are doing this in a fantastic way!

Follow if:
  • You work for a European manufacturer
  • Your organisation has an aftermarket proposition

  • You want to be aware of super relevant events, both online and offline

We are always looking for other relevant platforms, newsletters or channels about B2B digital. So, please let us know if you have ideas to complement this list!

Just like the sources above, at Evident, we also offer relevant content. So, if you found this article useful, take a look at our content overview or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Thomas Bröker

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