1st video sneak preview of our brand new Evident clubhouse in Utrecht


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It was really great to see everybody and take a sneak preview of our new office. We’re all so excited to start working here. The new office is situated in the Houtwerk building at Campus Werkspoor, an upcoming, creative area in Utrecht.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of our Utrecht clubhouse. .

Some first reactions:

''It's so nice, I’m so excited to start working here. It's a real clubhouse feeling'' 
- Suzanne 

 “I’m really looking forward to start working here!” - Luca

''I can just picture bringing my laptop up there, with my headphones in and just typing away.''
- Yasmin

 The office has some cool elements in it:

  • A piano (hidden in one of the tables)
  • A James Bond room
  • A switchboard
  • An old-school record player (all Evidenters will bring their favourite record)


The concept of the clubhouse is that a lot of space is dedicated to brainstorming, team work and meeting each other. Combined with flex workspaces, we believe this accommodates the post-COVID way of working really well.

A huge thanks to Hal2, the interior architects agency that we teamed up with to realise this vision of the post-COVID office space. At the time of shooting the video, the office was not yet finished, so you can expect more updates for sure!

 Click here for some pictures of this evening. 


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