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“Our customers want to be in control of all their activities in real time. We want to deliver optimal uptime and minimal maintenance of their systems.”

Dave Vander Heyde, Former CEO Royal IHC

Building a state-of-the-art commerce platform that opens up the maritime aftermarket and drives growth for Royal IHC.

Spare parts & services platform

Digitisation is not a question anymore, it’s a fact; also in the maritime industry. According to Dave Vander Heyde (CEO Royal IHC) traditional business models are under pressure. To stay relevant in the after-market, the Dutch Maritime sector has to add value, with for example chain integration, collaboration and digitisation. Customers simply expect a higher service level. This was the main driver for Royal IHC to initiate an industry wide and independent digital platform for spare parts and services.


Opening up the maritime industry is addressing this by opening up the maritime aftermarket and transparently selling spare parts and services online through their platform. The platform, independently branded and operated, aims to bring ship owners, operators, MROs and suppliers together in a single digital hub. The platform services maritime companies, both with IHC vessels and non-IHC vessels, serving the maritime market as a whole, with an easy-to-find and easy-to-order product catalogue as well as a knowledge base around products and maintenance. Additional digital services to support customers in their daily operations will be added in the future. The impact of a ship’s downtime is enormous. It is highly problematic and costs can run into hundreds of thousands of euros per day. Information on spare parts is not easily accessible online nor is there much transparency regarding costs.

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“We believe that with ShipSupport we have created a platform that serves both our current as our future customers by providing a convenient one-stop-platform to maintain their vessel.”

  • Maaike de Rover, Former Managing Director ShipSupport

Apart from designing and building the digital commerce platform, based on the Intershop digital commerce platform, Evident helped with creating the brand and brand identity of the corporate scale-up ShipSupport. The team jointly defied the challenges that came with integrating the large number of systems, suppliers and complex product data as well as the extreme logistical requirements.

ShipSupport (powered by Royal IHC)

ShipSupport is a Netherlands-based corporate startup, powered by Royal IHC. It’s a B2B ecommerce platform that connects the maritime industry. They bring together ship-owners, MROs and top global brands to enable their clients to get the best out of their vessels and equipment.

Royal IHC

Royal IHC is a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets. In an ever-changing political and economic landscape. They enable their customers to execute complex projects from sea level to ocean floor in the most challenging of maritime environments. From their head office in The Netherlands and with more than 3,000 employees working from sites and offices on a global basis, Royal IHC has a local presence and support on every continent.

As seen in the Dutch press:
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Early 2020, due to severe financial issues, ShipSupport’s mother company Royal IHC, has decided to shut down ShipSupport in its current set-up. Royal IHC will continue to support different ShipSupport services, such as the ‘MyFleet section’ for IHC customers and asset owners. Evident and IHC are in the process of shaping the new future for (parts of) the ShipSupport platform within the Royal IHC environment.

Building this amazing platform has been a fascinating journey that has given us a lot of experience, insights and fun. We wish the ShipSupport team a lot of success and will always look back with pleasure at this intensive and exciting adventure.

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See here their farewell message:
We are sad to announce that ShipSupport has shut down. After years of preparation, building and learning, and after servicing customers in over 60 countries, our journey ends.

We like to thank our customers, suppliers and other partners for their efforts and contributions. It was the adventure of a lifetime!

Team ShipSupport

“Our customers want to be in control of all their activities in real time. We want to deliver optimal uptime and minimal maintenance of their systems.”

Dave Vander Heyde, Former CEO Royal IHC