Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure platform offers endless possibilities to transform your business. Evident helps B2B companies grow by becoming more customer centric and efficient. Often these activities come together in a customer portal environment that increases customer convenience and drives growth. 
Microsoft Azure enables the delivery of cutting-edge, cloud native platforms, that make our clients successful. As an early adopter, we have deep knowledge of and experience with using Microsoft Azure as an accelerator for building and running cloud-native platforms that power innovation. Evident has been a Microsoft Gold and CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner for many years.
What we do
We help B2B companies with digital transformation strategy, defining and designing innovative platforms, modernising and integrating with complex enterprise architecture, and building and implementing customer facing cloud native platforms. Everything to help you grow your business.
  • Business – strategy, project management, architecture, data & analytics
  • Design – service design, prototyping, UI design, design systems
  • Technology – development, QA, integrations, cloud operations
Some examples of clients we have helped to take the next step in digitally transforming their customer journey by leveraging Azure are:
• Gevier Dales / The Rensa Family
• Vanderlande
4_Noa_Lisbon_dinner_-_cropped (1)
Dinner in Lisbon with the Online Academy team 

Celebrating the successful improvement of one of the Mazars’ platforms

B2B knowledge network

We also really value our exclusive Let's talk B2B group that has been active for several years already. Herbert Pesch and Mascha Tamarinof host this awesome and growing group of B2B experts in which we discuss relevant B2B topics and share knowledge and experience. From these sessions, we create videos and articles to share outside of the group via Emerce and the LinkedIn group that can be joined. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel - Let’s talk B2B!

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