Mazars in the Netherlands

With 600 professionals and 10 offices across the country, Mazars in the Netherlands provides services in the fields of accountancy, tax advice and management consultancy. They are part of the Mazars Group, which is one of the European market leaders in the field of accountancy. Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organization and is present in 77 countries with 260 offices and 17.000 professionals.

Transforming into a digital first organization focused on customer experience

The accountancy business tends to have a conservative approach to the market and their operation. However, change was ubiquitous and it became clear that the customers’ needs should come before traditional processes. Mazars acknowledged the power of leveraging digital to facilitate the customer journey. Because of decisive IT leadership, Mazars was able to transform into a ‘digital first’ organization with a focus on customer experience, within months. By implementing the Mazars Signals platform, they have fully digitized one of the core processes of Mazars main activity, tax services.

Mazars Signals

The Mazars Signals platform turned a previously complex administrative process into something very simple and easy. Accountants and customers of Mazars can comply with their tax obligations in a one-click operation using the mobile app. Mazars has significantly increased customer intimacy by launching a platform and app that enable clients to have insight in their files and submit these to the tax authorities. Mazars will process over 35.000 tax returns annually using the Mazars Signals web portal or the mobile app. Also, the platform allows Mazars to send tailored information to their clients and offer relevant content at the right moment (context) because of a deep integration with the CRM system.

Is it a revolution?

“No,” says Frank Keessen, IT Director of Mazars. “But it is a huge step in the right direction for this organization. Recently, our clients had to adjust themselves to our processes. Now, a CFO can do these things easily, just like doing his private banking on the couch at home.” One of the biggest compliments Keessen got as feedback was: “Wow, that was easy”.

Frank Keessen, IT Director Mazars


  • Sitecore 8
  • CRM integration
  • Integration with various backend applications
  • Integration with Dutch tax authorities
  • Xamarin based iOS and Android app
  • Azure Cloud (+ notification hub)