Caldic revs up to take digital to the next level

Caldic is a leading distribution partner for the global chemical and food industry, focusing on the customer’s success by being an inspiring partner with innovative products, services and solutions. Caldic has over 40 locations including offices, warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities in 17 countries.

Drivers for change

Creating awareness about being an inspiring solution provider in the international market is an important strategic pillar for Caldic. Unlocking the right product and solution information to the market was an urgent requirement for this. Also today’s customer, in all markets, expects a state of the art online experience that is 100% mobile ready. Taking on these challenges helps Caldic towards the next level in Digital.

Our world is changing

"We see that our, originally traditional, market of chemical production and distribution is shifting. Digital offers tremendous opportunities for an internationally oriented organization like Caldic.

A partner like Evident helps us shape our business to the new reality. They are able to support and challenge us with their business and technical expertise as well as their knowledge of the market of Distribution and Manufacturing."

Frank Biegstraaten, Group IT-Manager Caldic

Internationalization and unlocking complex product information

Getting the total solution offering out there in an attractive and intuitive way was one of the main drivers for replatforming. Caldic's products and services database is very broad and is used for a wide range of specific market applications. By creating a product import and crafting the right structure and presentation, Caldic is now able to unlock relevant data at the right time to the right customers and prospects into the right local markets.

The challenges regarding internationalization are eased with the new platform. It allows Caldic to have a global presence and unified brand exposure, while maintaining the advantages of a local approach using personalization and mutilingual content technologies.


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