Roundtable - B2B ecommerce replatforming under high pressure with Dynapac

We are proud to announce that we are hosting a roundtable at the Copperberg Aftermarket Virtual Summit together with Intershop. Thank you so much Freddy Lessmeister for being our special guest at the event.

Freddy shares the 6 most important lessons of replacing an incumbent spare parts portal within a merciless deadline of 6 months. Existing business that had to keep running, ERP’s that were simultaneously being upgraded, many complex integrations, and a global COVID crisis, many ingredients to jeopardise the project…

How did Dynapac deal with these challenges and what can you learn from their journey?

Don’t miss out on the impressive story of this global manufacturer of road-building machines. Click here if you are interested in joining



Mascha Tamarinof
Responsible for marketing and business development at @Evident. "Let's talk B2B!" initiator and host. Passionate about B2B digital.

Mascha Tamarinof