Intershop grants Evident Platinum partnership



Evident has been granted the Intershop Platinum partnership for the European market. This is an important next step in our ambition to become the number one B2B eCommerce player in Europe. Thanks Intershop-team for the powerful and energetic partnership during which we’ve celebrated many successes.

To name a few:
 - Signing our first German client, Dynapac 
 - Being named Intershop partner of the year, 2 (!) years in a row
 - ShipSupport’s nomination for the B2B award of the year
 - In the midst of Corona times, starting working with a new client (yet to be revealed)
 - Our development teams working closely together on the Intershop roadmap

Celebrating our partnership at the Raise the bar event in 2018 with, among others, Intershop CEO Jochen Wiechen, Gerrit Enthoven, Roelof Swiers and Robert de Boer.

Here with the Dynapac -Intershop- Evident team in Bremen.

With Roelof Swiers from Intershop and Rob Helderman from Royal Brinkman during one of the B2B meetups

During the very first edition of the B2B digital group in 2017 at Royal IHC.

2nd year of being Intershop partner of the year, in Düsseldorf.

7. only on website - evidenters portugal
Colleagues from our Lisbon office working closely together with the Intershop development team on new Intershop features.

We also really value our exclusive B2B digital group that celebrates its 4th anniversary this year. Roelof Swiers (Intershop), Herbert Pesch and Mascha Tamarinof (Evident) co-host this awesome and growing group of B2B experts.

Together we attend many industry events in Europe. Emerce B2B digital Utrecht, B2B Online Europe Amsterdam, Websummit Lisbon, Digital Enterprise Show Madrid, Spare parts event Frankfurt, B2B E-connect event in Copenhagen, Raise the bar Düsseldorf and many others.

Interviewing Markus Klahn, COO of Intershop, during the Copperberg Spare parts event in Düsseldorf.

Articles about our B2B sessions:

Check out our YouTube channel and the B2B Digital LinkedIn group for the latest B2B-commerce updates.

We are looking forward to many years of fruitful partnership and lots of fun!

If you are interested in B2B e-commerce or would like to attend one of our B2B sessions, please contact Mascha Tamarinof.

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