Home Alone X-mas party at Evident

For this year’s Christmas party, we turned our office into a ‘Home Alone’ movie set. The organising committee went all the way with the decorations; can you spot all the boobytraps in the pictures below? As you can see, the McAllister family left their house in good hands…

The party especially rocked thanks to the awesome show of the Eviband. They performed a Punk version of some famous Christmas songs. The crowd went wild on the coloured dance floor, while new batches of pizza kept arriving at our doorstep. Our very own DJ Freek made sure we wouldn’t stop dancing. It was so much fun to dance, rock and catch up with everyone, thanks all for coming!

6 BandA 8 Decoration + movieA 7 Dj + dancefloorA 5 Dancefloor roofA 3 Groups picture 4 Boobytrap A
Paint - Boobytrap


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