Go-live Dynapac spare parts and aftermarket platform

After the start of our collaboration in January 2020 in Wardenburg (Germany), we can happily announce the launch of the new international ecommerce platform for Dynapac (part of the Fayat Group).

Thank you team Dynapac for making this a great project. Even during corona times, the (mostly remote) collaboration was smooth and fun.

The platform, based on Intershop, offers a smooth and easy process for existing Dynapac customers to order replacement parts for their machines and equipment. It’s based on the Commerce as a Service setup (CAAS) and, of course, completely future-proof, scalable and mobile-friendly. Over the next months, the roll-out of more channels and countries is planned to fully replace the former ecommerce platform of all Dynapac companies globally.

Go team!

Dynapac, headquartered in Wardenburg, Germany, is a manufacturer of large road construction equipment, producing innovative paving and compaction equipment that significantly reduces the time to construct roads.

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