Building a new office in Utrecht, Houtwerk!

Exciting news! In a few months, Evident moves into a new office that is being constructed as we speak. It’s completely made out of timber, hence the name Houtwerk (Wood work), fully sustainable and is based in Utrecht’s creative hotspot, Campus Werkspoor.

In the video Herbert Pesch interviews Bob Jansen (co-founder Houtwerk) and Wesley Van de Kuijlen, director B

Basecamp. Basecamp is the restaurant and the core of the campus, where we will throw fantastic parties. 🥳💃🏼🕺

Our building is still under construction, but WOW! it already looks amazing. 🤩

Now, we have a ROOFTOP terrace in both Lisbon AND Utrecht 😍

Watch the video to get a first impression

Herbert Pesch
Founder and CCO of @Evident. Initiator/host for "Let's talk B2B!"

Herbert Pesch